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Thanks to overwhelming community support, the dogs of the APA will have the digs they deserve! For two weeks, we pushed hard to get out the vote, and, in the end, we came out on top in the Monsanto Grow St. Louis contest and won $20,000 toward new glass kennels for our dogs!

This great prize will allow us to replace the metal bars on the kennels with glass panels that are more hygienic, less stressful, and much friendlier than the current metal rods. We are so excited to improve our pups’ pads, and we are sure this will help get our large dogs adopted sooner!

The project is expected to get underway this summer and take approximately two weeks to complete. Once it’s finished, the kennels will be a healthier and quieter place for our soon-to-be pets.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the APA in this contest! We are truly grateful to see such a wonderful outpouring of support for our organization. We couldn’t have done it without you! Our pooches thank you, too!Image

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