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Hello Friends, Volunteers and Supporters of the APA!  Have you heard about this cool and exciting campaign going on at the APA?  No?  Well, let me fill you in!

It’s called 20 in 20 and the concept is very simple: we want to raise $20,000 in 20 Days.  Sounds easy enough, right?  Well, raising that much money in a short amount of time is not as easy as it sounds.  We need your help to donate and spread the word!

You have seen the faces of the pets we’ve helped.  You know that we take in every animal that is brought to us, and you feel good knowing that there is an organization working to educate people in our community about responsible pet care.

By giving a gift, you are making a difference for the pets in our shelter!  As a former shelter dog, I know how much the animals appreciate your kindness.  Please take a moment and make a gift today!  You can donate online at www.apamo.org, by phone at 314-646-4610 or by mail at 1705 S. Hanley Road, Brentwood, MO 63144.

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