Have you ever wondered the exact breed mix of your dog?  Do you question why he digs holes or why she likes to play in water?  Your answers could lie in his or her DNA.

How exciting – my pals at the APA now offer dog DNA tests!  And boy, I sure have learned a lot…

Any guesses to this dog's breed?!

The company that makes the test (Wisdom Panel Insights) says that behaviors like digging, swimming, herding and barking could come from the mix of breeds in your dog’s family tree.  They say that knowing your dog’s ancestry can help you create a tailored wellness program to fit his one-of-a-kind needs.  Cool.

So if you want to know more about your dog, you can purchase the test at the APA. Learn more here: http://www.apamo.org/dna.aspx

I’m pretty sure if I took the test, I’d be 15% Golden Retriever and 75% Awesome.  Yeah.  I’m that good.

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